Immuno Hack

Immuno Hack


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  • Immuno Hack provides the following components:
  • Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant that can accumulate in cells and works as an essential micronutrient that also contributes to immune defense.
  • Zinc: participates in protein metabolism and the improvement of the immune system. It also promotes the production of carbohydrates and the synthesis of insulin. Zinc is one of the 100 fundamental enzymes.
  • Vitamin B6: essential for enzymes (proteins that regulate the body’s chemical processes) to work well. Vitamin B6 also influences brain development during pregnancy and childhood, as does the immune system.
  • Vitamin B3: It can increase up to 1,000 times the capacity of the cells of the immune system to eliminate antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Immuno Hack is a supplement that contains powerful vitamins and enzymes that may help strengthen the defenses of your immune system, fighting against the flu and infections. Our supplement can help prevent the development of diseases and assist the body to react those that have already manifested. Immuno Hack is the guardian of your defenses.

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