Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

The following terms apply to all shipments made within the United States.

The prices published on the site DO NOT include shipping costs within the United States except when expressly indicated by a particular team or promotion, product prices may change at any time without notice, promotions from other means cannot be combined other than those presented on this site. The customer agrees to provide a valid, locatable address within the United States where the order can be delivered to. In case the client provides an address that is not located by the parcel, any other additional cost will be covered by the client himself. All shipments made by us and by our suppliers are perfectly packaged, in case your order is delivered with physical damage by the parcel, you must add a note when signing the manifest to the parcel service employee indicating that the package shows signs of abuse (box opened, beaten, perforated, wet, shrunken, etc.) Without this note, you receive the package accordingly. If the parcel service employee does not allow you to note on the delivery manifest, you should NOT receive the package. If you suspect that the box that the parcel service employee is delivering to you does not contain what you bought, either because of the weight or size of the package, you should NOT receive it indicating the reasons for the parcel service employee and you must report it to us. immediately to Once the package is received by you or someone at the delivery address, you have 24 hours to report anomalies due to physical or missing damage to your order, after this period no changes or claims proceed.

Delivery Area

The delivery area of ​​our products is limited to the United States. We deliver in all locations where there is coverage through the parcel companies with which we have service. In deliveries by parcels, we totally depend on the conditions of each one of them, as well as the weather conditions and risk areas of each entity. We cannot process orders with an incomplete delivery address, or with special agreements from other parcels. Once your order is processed if it is in stock, your products will be shipped no later than the next business day (Monday to Friday), they will reach their destination in a period of 1 to 2 business days.

Payments with credit or debit card

In this mode, the products are sent once your issuing bank and the security department of the bank that makes the collection release your payment. This is generally the next business day after your payment. Alivia Labs reserves the right to cancel any payment that does not meet the requirements requested by the bank, this means that in certain cases you may be asked to send us a copy of your identification and/or proof of address and other documents that prove your identity solely for the purpose of verification. In case of any lack of documents requested, your payment will be reversed.

Payments with PayPal system

In this modality, the products are sent when the payment system notifies and releases the payment of the same. If your PayPal Verified user account is generally released the same day of payment and if you are not PayPal verified user your payment will be processed no later than the next business day, in certain cases you may be asked to send us a copy of your identification and / or proof of address and other documents that prove your identity only in order to verify it. Alivia Labs only sends the client’s information to the third party (in this case PayPal) so that it processes the payment made and, where appropriate, notifies Intercompras of the authorization of the transaction. Alivia Labs stipulates in its Terms and Conditions that the client accepts that the information will be forwarded to a third party for validation and authorization. In case of any lack of documents requested, your payment can be reversed. Orders paid with this modality only apply to home delivery to the delivery address authorized by PayPal.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the product begins when the order is released. The estimated delivery time will be provided to you upon completion of your order and will be confirmed by email and / or telephone.

Delivery Time of Products in stock

The delivery time of the products in stock depends on the release of your order according to the payment method and the type of shipping selected.